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Smoke-Free Restaurants Iniative

As of January 2, 2010 this website will be under going changes due to the passing of House Bill 2: North Carolina’s Smoke-free Restaurants and Bars Law. For more information please visit www.smokefree.nc.gov.

Clean Air Sticker More than 300 restaurants in Forsyth County do NOT allow any smoking indoors. For a listing of smoke-free restaurants in the Winston-Salem area, go to www.HelpOurBabies.org. Look for the "Clean Air Sticker" in the restaurant window.

If you are worried about secondhand smoke at your favorite restaurant, use these stickers on your meal tab to tell owners what you think or ask to talk to the manager. Hearing from their customers can make a big difference.


For Restaurant Owners and Managers
Thinking of going smoke-free? Do you already have a no-smoking policy? Contact us to:
  - Add your restaurant to the smoke-free list. This free listing is ONLY for restaurants in
    Forsyth County, NC.
  - Request a free Clean Air sticker for your restaurant.
  - For ideas on changing your business to smoke-free, go to www.WorkingSmokeFree.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q If I go smoke-free, won’t I lose customers?
Q According to NC sales tax data collected on restaurants that have gone smoke-free, the majority find that sales stay the same or increase.
Q I have a separate smoking section and an expensive ventilation system. Isn’t that enough?
Q The Surgeon General says separate sections & ventilation systems do not protect customers or staff.
Q If I go smoke-free, won't I be sticking my neck out?
Q Smoke-free restaurants are becoming the norm. In Forsyth County roughly 300 restaurants (50%) have already gone smoke-free.
Q Is second hand smoke really that big of a deal?
Q Second hand smoke is responsible for 40,000+ deaths each year in the U.S.
Q Should I be concerned about my health and my employees?

Q The Surgeon General says there is no safe level of exposure to second hand smoke. Repeated exposure is linked to stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, and preterm birth.
Q If customers don’t want to be exposed to second hand smoke, can’t they can go somewhere else?
Q Your youngest customers, infants and children, are dependent on adults to keep them safe. Second hand smoke can cause lung problems, ear infections, more severe asthma attacks, and is linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
Q What about brief exposure to second hand smoke?
Q Brief exposure can cause asthma attacks, respiratory infections, breathing problems, and heart attack.
Q How else can going smoke-free save me money?
Q Save on cleaning, maintenance and insurance costs, reduce fire risk, reduce employee sick days, and increase table turnover.